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Hardwood flooring with a smooth surface can definitely enhance the elegance of a room, especially when used in a darker finish. Keep in mind that smooth outdoor floors will show scratches and dents more readily than a more textured outdoor floor.

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Using the best wood floor finish is the only way to ensure they will look shiny and new for a long time to come. Not only does it maintain the original shine of the wood, but the best wood floor finish also protects the floor from tears and scratches.

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There are a lot of outdoor floor finishes out there. Use our at-a-glance guide below to choose the one thats right for your home. We also help you decide if you want to refinish floors yourself. Wax Hardwood Finish

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After outdoor flooring installation and staining, the flooring is given several coats of protective finish. If youre thinking of adding outdoor flooring in your kitchen, unfinished flooring is a good choice because the finish will penetrate and seal the seams between boards, helping to prevent water from seeping between boards.

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Hardwood finish is the battle armor for the wood itself. It's critical to how long your wood lasts, and how it looks. You'll have options, and this guide will help you through which type of finish to pick, and how often you should finish your outdoor.

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Your outdoor has lost its shine, and its time for a little refinishing. With so many types of finishes on the market, deciding on the right one can be a brain teaser. The finish you choose for your outdoor can affect the value of your home. You wont want people giving you odd looks when they see your wood floor.

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wood floor finishes. All wood floors require finish, which protects against everyday wear and tear. It is important to consider what type of wear your floors will experience based on your lifestyle. A wood flooring specialist can help guide you in determining which finish will work best. Surface finishes or penetrating finishes

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This type of finish is appropriate for many varieties of outdoor floors. Acid-based outdoor floor finishes add sheen and depth of color without casting an unnatural yellow tint. The high-gloss variety will add the most luster and shine, while semi-gloss adds a slight gloss coating. A matte variety is also available in an acid-based finish.

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This type of finish often has a color and can be used to stain and seal the wood floor. Penetrating Oil Sealers are made from tung or linseed oil, with additives to improve drying and hardness. Paste Wax is the oldest and in some ways the best.

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TYPES OF WOOD FLOOR FINISHES : SURFACE FINISHES - PENETRATING STAIN/WAX WAX - CUSTOM FINISHES - CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS RECOATING WOOD FLOORS. Wood Floor Finishes create lasting beauty and requires minimal care with today's modern technology in wood floor finish products. The right finish protects wood flooring from wear, dirt and moisture while

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Hardwood Floor Finish Types Installation. During the installation process, the floor can be walked on, Sanding. We sand your floors down to a uniform level, and dust and noise are created Staining. After the sanding is completed, the floor is vacuumed and ready to be stained Finishing.

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Most high-gloss polyurethane outdoor flooring is prefinished in the factory, which makes installation faster. Thanks to the high sheen, cleaning this outdoor finish is easy, although scratches, pet hair, and other imperfections do tend to stand out. Oil-based polyurethane is another urethane option, although it can yellow over time.

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Here at Petes, we sell four basic types of outdoor floor finish. We only sell what we trust. This may seem like a very limited set of choices, but we only sell finishes that we have used extensively over a long period of time. There is no one 'best

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Hardwood floor finishes come in a number of different varieties, so its important to know when to use a certain type and not another.. Heres a rundown of the most common types of finish youll find, and the features of each.

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Following are the different types of wood floor finishes currently available: Oil-modified urethane is generally the most common surface finish and is easy to apply. It is a petroleum base with a blend of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film-forming ingredients that produce a durable surface that is moisture-resistant.

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Every piece of furniture, whether new or antique, needs a finish, but no single finish is right for all situations. Although at least 10 varieties and more than a dozen brands of finish are available, all can be divided into two categories: penetrating finishes those that dry inside the wood and surface finishes those that dry on the surface of the wood .

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TYPES OF WOOD FLOOR FINISHES. Wax - The oldest, and in some ways the best. Wax is the easiest to apply, least expensive, fastest drying, easiest to repair, and with proper care will survive forever. Wax over a penetrating stain, and the system is in the wood so you wear the wood, not the finish.

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The type of finish on a wood floor makes a difference on looks, durability and wear. From traditional oak outdoor floors to exotics such as Brazilian walnut also called ipe and Bolivian rosewood, selecting a floor finish to best suit the type of wood is critical to protect it, says Deb Neely, service representative with Lon Musolf Distributing, a Vadnais Heights, Minn.-based floor

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Finishing a wood floor is the most rewarding step. Finishes are applied to wood for two principal reasons. First, a finish should protect the wood from damage such as stains, moisture and mechanical wear. Second, a properly applied clear finish will accentuate woods' natural beauty and color

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I just moved into a new house with outdoor floors throughout. Ive heard that its important to tailor cleaning methods to the type of finish on the floor, but I have no idea what finish was applied by the previous owner. Are there any tricks to finding out? Finishing expert Peter Gedrys

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A finish is a top coat that will protect your floor from everyday wear and tear. The finish is also what gives the floor its color and luster. Finishes are a great way to personalize your outdoor floors. Whether you like light-colored wood or dark, a satin finish or high-gloss, the options are

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Choosing the type of outdoor floor that best fits your space and DIY abilities is an important step in planning the installation of your new floor. Don't confuse floor type with wood variety -- we'll cover selection of wood variety in the next section. For now, let's discuss the three main types of outdoor floors to consider.

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Hardwood floors are made with a variety of finishes, including oiled-based finishes and water-based finishes. A outdoor floor made with an oil-based finish is generally more stain and scuff resistant than a wood floor with a water-based polyurethane finish. Acid-based urethane finishes are durable, yet emit very powerful fumes.

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There are many options out there for finishing your outdoor floors. Your lifestyle, design choices, and just how much wear and tear your floors will be taking, will ultimately determine what type of outdoor floor finish you need. Our comprehensive guide will make finding the best outdoor floor finish quick and easy for you

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Cherry. Though cherry is a very soft outdoor, it still manages to maintain good dimensional stability. Cherry outdoor flooring is also on the lower end regarding photosensitivity, meaning it will show sun damage if installed in direct sunlight for multiple years. Cherry is an expensive type of outdoor flooring.

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Know your Hardwood Floors by Starting at the Finish There are two major categories of outdoor floor finishes. Knowing which type graces your floor will help determine how best to care for it.