how to build a wood floor over concrete

Never put your speakers on the floor

Speakers Never put your speakers on the floor. That's just plain wrong, because putting any small speaker down there forfeits a major share of its sound quality.

Homes that may secretly be spaceships

The white steel and concrete building, with a saucer-like body perched atop four columns, cost $250,000 to build. It features about 2,000 square feet of space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a

Why I bought two tons of wood heating pellets

Culture Why I bought two tons of wood heating pellets. With the winter coming, CNET's Martin LaMonica gets a fresh load of home heating pellets and takes stock of the growing mix of home energy

Ask This Old House

For over 20 years, Joe worked on many projects for This Old House and Ask This Old House. First, Joe helps a homeowner replace a broken bathroom tile with a new tile that matches the existing color.

10 homes you can buy for $5,000

Concrete dome was built to contain waste from atomic-bomb tests in the Marshall Islands 2H ago Half of kids in Yemen under five have stunted growth, UN says

This Old House

After a trip downtown to Tucson's Hotel Congress, built in 1919 and the site of John Dillinger's hideout back in 1934, we return to the Meigs' house, concrete pavers are laying the driveway

Grilling over wood

Read the Grilling over wood discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Grilling food community. Join the discussion today.

This Old House

At the house, where general contractor Dan Plummer is dealing with yet another of heavy rain, we see the lighweight concrete mixed and poured over the kitchen's radiant floor tubing. Our host gets

Homes: What you can buy for around $500,000

It has quartz countertops, concrete and tile flooring, a walk-in pantry, two skylights, a walk-in closet, custom barn door, sprinkler system, two-car garage, barbecue and view of the city

This Old House

With the new concrete walls poured, it's time to damp-proof them, just one more in a series of tasks that adds up to nearly $30,000 for the new foundation - which is simply the cost of building to

Using Pre-Finished Wood Flooring in a Kitchen

It is worth noting that engineered floors are specifically recommended over real outdoor prefinished or site finished in potentially wet areas, like basements. They can even withstand moderate wetness in an adult's bathroom. The product we purchased has the wood veneer on top of a four-layer substrate. The substrate is plywood sandwiched between some sort of paper-based product, with

laminate floors and heavy appliances

To learn more about the sandwich, Wagyu beef, and how to make this treat at home don't worry, you can use any protein, this is not reserved for the super rich Guillermo visits chef Corwin Kave at Don Wagyu in NYC, to learn all the secrets behind Americas most expensive beef sandwich.

Building an iconic bridge photos

The tower sections, which are manufactured in China, are the first shipment of 20 sections that make up the four individual tower legs. Three more will be anchored to rods in the foundation over

Renovate With New Floors

Unlike traditional outdoor trees requiring more than 60 years to mature, bamboo is actually a grass that grows to maturity in less than 6 years and is renewably harvested over and over from the

2nd Floor Room, how much weight is safe?

I was doing research because I want to build a 2 story shed in our yard, and wanted to see what size wood I would need to support the second floor. The first floor is for storage, the second floor is a chill place, so I guess you could call it a guest house. I looked up building codes, and the supporting weight of 2x8's, 2x10's, and 2x12's.

House Building is sooooooo Addicting

In construction menu under floors, there is a wood floor with concrete base. It can be used to level off many surfaces.. It can be used to level off many surfaces.. I'm not anti-social, I'm just pro-solitude.

10 concrete homes that don't look like bunkers

Concrete building has been on the rise in recent years, according to a report from the National Association of Homebuilders, in part because it's durable, faster to construct and has a more stable