use plastic board on basement floor

Install Baseboard Molding in a Basement The Money Pit

Learn how to install baseboard molding in a basement. Find out how to use drywall tape in the installation of baseboard molding in a basement.

I have very damp basement with dirt floors, what can i put

If you walk around in the basement or use it for a storage room or workshop or such, then for very light use like occasional storage you can use a heavy-duty typically 60-120 mil pond liner like Hypalon - the sort of liner used under landfills and containment ponds.

basement floor particle board plastic

basement floor particle board plastic In some of the newest homes very conscientious builders are beginning to install plastic vapor barriers from the basement floor, particle board, Question - Is OSB or particle board safe to use as flooring in a basement.

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane - the best basement waterproofing

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is very user friendly, easy to use and is made from a 24-mil high-density polyethylene plastic that provides consistent protection around your entire foundation. Other basement waterproofing products may require coating thickness measurements.

flooring - What type of subflooring should I use for a

ThermalDry Basement Floor Matting rigid plastic ThermalDry Basement Floor Tiles rigid plastic with tile Delta Flooring Plastic membrane Superseal Plastic dimpled Membrane Tyroc Rubber and inorganic surface board Does anyone have any recommendations for a breathable subflooring that is waterproof for a below grade basement?

How to Use Foam to Insulate Your Basement

Below are the materials that you need along with the steps on how to use foam to insulate your basement. Step 1-Strip the Basement Floor. The initial step is to put furring strips around the base of the floor along the basement wall using masonry screws, with the 3 side made to face the wall and the screws installed at 6 to 8 inches intervals.

Floor covering in a basement - Ask Jon Eakes

Floor covering in a basement. You can use little pieces of of mating plastic as shims for minor dips in the floor. This is the only way that the dampness

Things to Avoid When Finishing Your Basement Dengarden

If you use plastic, the moisture will be trapped inside which lead to damage to materials and even mold. No Insulation at Band Joist When finishing a basement, we want to make sure the area is properly insulated.

Can plastic go under vinyl plank in a basement Home Flooring

If you use a padding under the flooring some take it, some do not then use an inorganic padding, like the plastic bubble wrap type, so it if gets a bit moist it will not mildew.

Plastic Sheeting To Finish A Basement - Construction

Plastic Sheeting To Finish A Basement I always use foam board in basements which insulate and have the vapor all in one. removing LARGE corner of basement

How to Insulate Basement Walls DIY: True Value Projects

These boards should sit just below the sill plate on top of the foundation wall. If you have windows in your basement, frame around them using 2x2 boards. Attach the bottom plate to the floor using "liquid nails" adhesive, then drill holes with a masonry bit every 16" into the floor. Drive concrete screws into the holes using a power screwdriver.

Can I Use Plastic decking Board on my Basement Floor

boat decking board - Outside Wpc Deck. 3/4" Plastic Polymer Sheets and 5/4 Boards for use as boat decking, dock flooring , porches, flower box borders, and other outside uses in place of wood.