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While wood decks require regular cleanings, staining and sealing, you wont have to do that with a PVC deck. You simply choose your style and color of decking, whether you choose a coordinating color to your home, or colors that match the colors of your home.

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Before you apply the stain, make sure the treated wood surface is clean and dry the surface will no longer look wet and follow the manufacturers instructions. Also, be sure to check out these 101 Saturday morning projects to do once you are finished adding color to your treated wood piece of furniture.

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After cutting the decking to size, it will expose the natural amber color on one or two sides. Depending on the application, you can choose to add stain or leave it as-is.

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But as anyone who has an all-wood deck can tell you, wooden decking does not retain its initial beauty for long. Wooden decking requires yearly maintenance hours of sanding, staining and painting to prevent the surface from turning to a grey and unattractive color, no matter what species of wood is used.

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Wood Decks. A wood deck can also be built using standard tools and hardware, unlike some composite or PVC decks which can require special clips or fasteners. With all wood options, buy woods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which indicates that sustainable practices have been used to harvest the wood.

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Colors of wood stain in smoky blue-hues can also add a hint of beach and sea style to your deck. Deck Stain Color - Alligator Green. Let the lush green lawn and surrounding trees become the focal point with a subtle green stain on your aging deck.

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Deck colors range from traditional red to dark grey deck stain and other colorful options. Before you apply the stain to the entire deck, test out the color you choose on a hidden piece of wood.

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Most people that add onto their decks also replace the decking and railings on the existing deck at the same time. This will create a more seamless addition without noticeable color and weathering differences in materials.

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Step 1. Clean the deck with a scrub brush and deck-washing detergent. Power washing is another option, but can damage the wood's surface. Rinse the deck clean. If there are areas with old stain and others where the stain has worn or been scrubbed away, you need to strip the deck.

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Paint or Stain: Which Is Right For Your Deck? but now my wife wants me to stain it to show off the wood's texture and color. That sounds like a lot more maintenance later. adding as much

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Adding Pigment-Based Tint to Wood Stain. Use pigment-based tint with water-based or oil-based wood stains. As a base, use a clear wood stain or a pre-tinted wood stain. Just make sure the pre-tinted stain is also pigment-based. Mix the tint thoroughly to add or deepen the color.

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The pigment hides natural wood colors and makes the blending more effective, and it protects the wood from harmful ultraviolet light, thus making the deck last longer.

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For example, use one color for the interior deck boards and a contrasting shade around the edges. This is a popular technique called deck picture-framing, and its a great way to add visual interest and create a more custom look.

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Fill in any cracks in the wood. If you notice there are any holes or gaps in the wood, use high-quality, exterior-grade putty to fill them in. Put the putty in the cracks with your fingers and smooth the putty over with sandpaper. Make sure the putty sits flush to the wood so it blends in when you paint the deck.

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Adding Color to your space Dramatic dark railing colors EverNew's dark colors are designed to complement almost any deck color. Rustic rose, a deep red brown, and warm spice, a rich yellow-brown are available in both Oxford and Kingston. And our darkest color, black, is available in all railing product lines, including Panorama .

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Adding on to composite deck to match color. by Bob Portage, MI I want to add on to my existing deck, but am unable to find anything that matches the color of the existing deck. Current ground-level deck is gray UltraDeck from Menards, but the current color doesn't match.

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Step 1 Sand Deck. The first thing to do when you want to strip the stain off of your wooden deck is to sand the wood down. You want to pull up at least 2/3 of the color. Always sand with the grain and not against it. The direction of your belt sander should be parallel with the woodgrain, going from end to end rather than side to side. After

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Adding color to the floor of your porch or deck also has the effect of defining the space, thus making your deck a clear and separate outdoor room and giving your yard the illusion of being bigger than it is.

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The Floor-A-Deck wood stain color we used was the Semi-Transparent Light Walnut. The initial appearance was a rich brown with a hint of red see pictures below after drying. The Floor-A-Deck Stain penetrated extremely well into the wood grain on our test deck.

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30 Ideas to Dress Up Your Deck. Add a wooden square lattice wall to one side of your deck to create the illusion of a wall. the main color on my deck is a tan

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Some Color Ideas. If you have decided that you want your beautiful deck to stand out from the crowd, here are few color ideas. Match the scenery of your backyard - If you live in a wooded area, consider the colors of the trees like deep pine needle greens or warm earthy browns.

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Pick as many pattern pillows as you like to add color to your outdoor space. Color ideas for decks, porches and other outdoor spaces "plastic or rubber seal

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The more opacity, the sooner you'll have to reapply the finish. Clear will allow the wood's natural color to shine, while tinted supplies just a bit of color. Semitransparent supplies color and may also add a more consistent finish. A solid stain will allow very little of the wood's own color to show through.

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When to Use Stains: Wood deck stain is for you. Available in a variety of tints and opacities from semi-transparent to solid stains provide UV protection, repel water and can resist mold and mildew growth. Some stain products allow the wood grain to show through, while others come in natural colors that mask wood grain,