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Styrofoam ban: States declare war on Styrofoam -- "People

While only a few New York restaurants used Styrofoam before the ban, those establishments faced higher costs for replacement materials, according to Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC

European Union's ban on single-use plastics moves closer

The EU is moving closer to phasing out many common kinds of plastic items Its parliament on Wednesday backed a ban on many single-use plastics by a vote of 560-35 It would affect a range of

2018 Buick Regal TourX review: Stylish and solid, but not

The Good The Regal TourX is a handsomely styled wagon, wearing its crossover suspension and cladding well. A smooth ride and Buick's QuietTuning make the cabin a very relaxing place to commute.

2018 Range Rover Velar review: ratings, specs, photos

Comprised of more sustainable materials including a polyester blend made from recycled soda bottles and wool, the seats looks great and feel more breathable than animal hide. The first-of-its-kind

2019 Volvo XC40 Review: Like and subscribe

With the introduction of this small SUV, Volvo is launching its new Care by Volvo subscription service, bundling a car and its maintenance and insurance costs into one flat monthly fee. And with a

Few Water Bottles Get Recycled

While most plastic bottles are "recyclable," few are actually recycled. In fact, says Dr. Gleick, about seven of 10 plastic water bottles get incinerated, dumped into landfills - or left as litter.

How Apple's Daisy iPhone recycling robot works

This robot, announced last year, is at the center of a new Material Recovery Lab Apple's built in Texas. The lab is designed to share Daisy's technology and help advance e-recycling.

3D printing: A cheat sheet

Search. GO. Cloud Big Data the sharp reduction in printer and material costs, and a substantive increase in the lifetime durability of 3D printed parts, many industries are adopting 3D

The recycled plastic filament that could set a new

Most material comes on a giant plastic spool, that is often just tossed in the trash can because it can't be recycled in a typical home or office, creating additional waste.

Ford to use recycled clothes in next-gen Focus

Car Culture Ford to use recycled clothes in next-gen Focus. Ford will use cotton from used blue jeans and other items in the new Focus as part of its drive to find creative eco-friendly materials.

Samsung Replenish review: Samsung Replenish

The Good The Samsung Replenish has a tactile QWERTY keyboard, a surprisingly decent camera, and a wallet-friendly price. Made from recycled and recyclable material, it's also easier on the planet

The Recyclers: From trash comes triumph

The Recyclers: From trash comes triumph. The residents of Cateura, Paraguay, don't just make a living from the massive garbage heap in their town.

3D metal printing cheat sheet: Printers, print methods

Likewise, materials costs can be reduced with additive manufacturing, as the amount of waste produced is less. TechRepublic's cheat sheet about 3D metal printing is an introduction to the additive

The depressing truth about e-waste: 10 things to know

Search. GO. Cloud Big Data AI where it is sorted and sold for scrap metal or burned to extract materials, which is harmful to people and the surrounding environment. The US also sends e-waste

The 5 greenest tech companies in 2018

Search. GO. Cloud Big Data AI They have invested more in recycling programs that can harness some of the materials needed for devices outside of the mining process. Their massive data centers

Recycling after China's plastic ban: American cities face

Small materials processors in communities from Hancock, Maine, to Kingsport, Tennessee, are shutting down, unable to support the higher costs of recycling programs.

Apple is opening up its world of iPhone recycling

It would cost too much to refurbish these devices back to perfect working order, so Daisy guts them instead, stripping out their parts to be recycled into copper, aluminum, cobalt and other

How recycled plastic for 3D printing will drive

Search. GO. Cloud Big Data However, the main reason people will want to use recycled filament is the cost," Pearce said. "Commercial plastic filament costs about $35/kg or more if you make

Internet of Things IoT : Cheat sheet

Learn about IoT's benefits for businesses, IoT security risks, IoT-related jobs, how industries and smart cities are using IoT, and more. The Internet of Things, which is commonly called IoT