plastic shingles that look like slate

Brava Old World Slate

BRAVA Old World Slate - Slate Roofing Alternative. If you're looking for the incredible aesthetics of natural quarried slate roofing and want to avoid costly substructure modifications required to handle the extreme weight of slate tiles, Bravas revolutionary composite slate tile is for you.

Artificial Slate Roof Tiles

Our artificial tiles look like concrete tiles, but with less weight. Click and Collect in 1 hour or enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £50 excluding VAT.

CertainTeed Symphony Slate Synthetic Slate Roofing Review

Imitation roof slate tiles provide an attractive alternative to natural slate for any homeowner looking to incorporate the look of natural slate into their homes appearance. CertainTeeds Symphony slates are available in natural slate colors and their texture and contours are incredibly close to those of natural slate tiles.

Roofing Tile Slate Roof Tile, Synthetic Slate Roofing

InSpire Synthetic Slate HIP and RIDGE Tiles, Class-C, Specify COLOR 25 Synthetic Classic Slate Roof HIP and RIDGE Tiles, Class C, 18x6x6 inches. Made in USA by Inspire Roofing. 25/Bundle. Price/Bundle. Specify COLOR before adding to cart; special terms, see detail view $126.00 SALE $99.95

GAF Slateline Shingle

GAF did pretty darn good in making an asphalt shingle look like some traditional slate roofs. With some decent color variation throughout some of the granule blends from afar you may believe this to be a natural product. However the tabs are repetitive and you can tell it's not real.

Rubber Shingles

Rubber shingles are made of recycled rubber tires, plastic bags, pvc pipe, etc. These shingles also frequently incorporate recycled parts of other materials -- for instance, shingles made to look like cedar shakes will often include saw dust from saw mills, slate-like shingles will include actual slate dust from recycled slate shingles.

Plastic Shingles Look Like Slate

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Imitation Slate Tiles

Meta-Slate Plus System Imitation Slate Tiles sheets are delivered to site in packs. Steel stillages are used at the bottom of the packs to provide protection and the ends of the packs are wrapped with plastic. Maximum pack weight is 2 tonne. Meta-Slate Plus System Imitation Slate Tiles sheets are usually delivered to site.

The Benefits of Synthetic Slate Shingles HGTV

Synthetic slate shingles are a modern improvement on a construction classic. Made from combinations of plastic and rubber, synthetic slate is designed to mirror the beauty and uniqueness of authentic slate without the expense or installation headaches. And synthetic slate shingles last longer.

Better Alternatives to Cedar and Asphalt

Plastic roofing shingles are lightweight, and easier to install than traditional cedar and slate. However, most plastic shingles do not look authentic, and can have a shiny finish to them. Plastic shingles are relatively thin, and with average widths of 6-8, they do not come close to replicating the look or the size of real cedar shake.

Plastic Shingles

Plastic Shingle Roofing Tiles. Plastic shingles, sometimes referred to as synthetic or composite shingles, are popular for their low cost and their ability to imitate more expensive types of roofing like cedar wood shingles or slate roofing. Composition shingle roofing is lightweight and makes it easy to install shingles on your home. They

Plastic or Synthetic Roofing Products, Materials

A number of companies produce plastic or recycled plastic roof coverings in a variety of styles that look a lot like clay tile roofs, cedar shingles, slate roofs, wood roofing, and even asphalt shingle roofs.

Composite Roof Shingles

Any shake or slate-like roofs will run about $400 per square, at least four times as much as asphalt shingles. Moreover, in some regions you may find it difficult to locate a certified installer.

Slate Roofing Interlock Metal Roofing

People love the look of our slate profile. Part of the appeal is that it doesnt look like commercial metal roofing, or it matches a historic look. In either case, many of our customers have written in to say how good it looks after its been installed, and also how many compliments they receive on it as well.

Synthetic slate: Fabulous fakes Old House Web

That is, until the see the price of replacing oneof these roofs. Composition shingles are less expensive, but don't give the samehistoric look and architectural detail. A new generation of slate look-alikes offer the best of both worlds -- thelook and durability of slate at a lower cost with less weight.

2019 Cost of Synthetic Slate Shingles Slate Roofing

Asphalt shingles made to look like slate shingle roofing will usually be the least expensive and are frequently used as a price baseline. Asphalt shingles simply laminated to look like slate will be the most affordable from the perspective of overhead cost.

How to Roof With Recycled Rubber and Plastic That Looks

How to Roof With Recycled Rubber and Plastic That Looks Like Slate. Environmentally conscious home owners will be glad to know that eco-friendly roofing materials have been made from discarded tires. Discarded tires are ground down, melted, mixed with slate powder or sawdust from timber mills and poured into a mold that resembles slate. The result

20 Easy Ways to Get Old-House Charm Home Decor and

Made from plastic to look like ½-inch-thick slate, this crack-proof synthetic version costs about half as much as the real thing, and installation is faster, saving on labor. Can replace a roof that currently has asphalt shingles without the need for any additional structural support.

GAF Designer Roofing Shingles

GAF designer shingles offer a wide array of designer styles and colors, for only slightly more than standard architectural shingles.

EcoStar, Majestic Slate Tiles

Authentic slate-looking recycled rubber tiles. EcoStar's Majestic Slate emulates the look, feel and longevity of natural slate. It is substantially lighter in weight than slate, concrete and metal roofing, and is produced using some of todays strongest, most flexible materials, including recycled rubber EPDM and plastic TPO .

Plastic Slate Roofing

Does anyone here install the plastic roofing tiles that look like slate? I looked at a display a few weeks ago and it looked like slate from a distance. Just wondering if they hold up or if the heat distorts them. To get the best replacement windows, or sun rooms